Adults are Suddenly Loving Braces – Here’s Why

Adult orthodontic treatment is soaring. Grown men and women are taking their teeth into their own hands – and ending up with the straight smiles they’ve always wanted. The numbers are pretty impressive: in just 6 years, the number of Americans 18 and older getting orthodontic treatment grew by 58%. And while younger orthodontic patients […]

Best Questions to Ask Your Dentist

You spend just a little bit of time with your dentist twice a year – if you only receive exams and don’t have fillings or other dental work, that’s maybe 30 minutes total. How can you make those 30 minutes really count? Learning more about what you should be asking your dentist during those crucial […]

Everyday Snacks that are Ruining Your Teeth

Potato chips may be highly snackable, but they’re not so great for your oral health When it comes to snacking, what’s usually your go-to? While many sweet or starchy treats are both tasty and convenient, they’re not the best thing for your teeth (or your entire body). Help make your nightly oral hygiene simpler by […]

Diabetes is Dangerous To Your Gums

Diabetes is a serious problem for the United States. And as cases continue to grow, it’s imperative that we read up on the ramifications of fluctuating blood sugar. If you’re diabetic, you need to be paying even closer attention to your teeth and gums than other patients. With great oral hygiene and regular exams, you […]

What New Invisalign Patients Need to Know

During Invisalign, your travel toothbrush will become your best friend! Invisalign treats its patients with respect – but it’s still different from anything else you’ve tried. There are special considerations attached to daily life with alternative orthodontics, and it’s important to keep them in mind to see treatment success. Fortunately, that’s not difficult – just […]

Hidden Threats to Great Oral Health – What to Watch Out For

Feeling down? Don’t let a low period lead to tooth decay or damage We’re trained from childhood to brush, floss, and beware cavities. But preventing dental problems isn’t always as simple as keeping your oral hygiene in check. Other hidden factors and aspects of your health can lead to cavities, worn enamel, periodontal disease, and […]

Botox is a Mood Booster – and Not For the Reason You Think

Can Botox really lead to bliss? Science is saying so You know that Botox lifts unwanted facial lines. But its benefits may extend past the medical ones that make it such a popular option for wrinkles and chronic pain. Studies are showing that the use of Botox in participants’ facial muscles actually leads to them […]

Is Teeth Whitening Safe? And Other Common Bleaching Questions

Worried about whitening? We understand your concerns – bleaching your teeth can seem a little stressful before you get started. But once you’ve learned more about the risks and precautions involved, you’ll be ready for a stress-free brighter smile. Just find your question below, or get in touch to speak with a member of our team. […]

Here’s How to Get Yourself Flossing

It’s time to set some flossing reminders! We know how hard it can be to get yourself to floss. It’s been a long day, you just finished brushing your teeth, and you’re ready to hit the hay. Anyways, does flossing even really matter? Didn’t brushing just remove all the bad bacteria from your teeth? Actually, […]