Centennial dental bonding

Many restorations were once only durable when made of silver, gold, or amalgam. While these resolved the problems at hand, they detracted from smiles and darkened teeth. Today, even fillings can be a beautiful part of your grin.

Composite fillings are tooth-colored, and will not stand out from your smile. The dental composite material may actually be used to improve both the look and function of your teeth. Bonding is not only attractive; it’s quick and it’s simple. Composite fillings and dental bonding provide a fast but fulfilling fix for cosmetic problems and decay.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

Traditional fillings were made of amalgam, a combination of metals. Modern composite fillings are far superior in the aesthetic realm. Dr. Robin will match your fillings to the color of your natural teeth, so that your dental work isn’t noticeable in any way. And composite isn’t only appropriate for repairing teeth damaged by decay; the material may be used to:
Centennial Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • Lengthen front teeth
  • Fill in gaps between teeth
  • Whiten discolored teeth
  • Protect tooth roots exposed by gum recession
  • Strengthen sensitive teeth
  • Even out a smile

If you’re fed up with old, dark, mercury-laden amalgam fillings, we’ll to use composite fillings to replace them and revitalize your teeth. Your smile will brighten up immediately, and you’ll find yourself smiling wider and more frequently.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

Composite fillings are direct restorations; they’re created and shaped chairside. This cuts out the step of sending impressions to a dental lab, and waiting for their return. Bonding patients needn’t bother with temporaries or multiple appointments, as their fillings will be ready within the space of one visit. Bonding’s simplicity also makes it a highly affordable way to change your smile.

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