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Only healthy smiles are truly beautiful. When your teeth are strong, sound, and disease-free, they last and allow you keep smiling for life. The secret lies in regular dental exams. Visiting your Centennial dentist every six months gives you a chance to stop cavities and gingivitis before they develop into something more serious that will require extensive restorative treatment. If it’s been a little while since your last exam, don’t hesitate – schedule an appointment today, and your teeth will thank you. General dentistry is the cornerstone of a lifelong smile.

Centennial Dental Exams

Centennial teeth cleaningExams might feel like a chore, but hidden benefits are everywhere. You gain all of the following from your regular appointments:

  • Plaque control – As you eat and drink, a thin film of bacteria builds up on your teeth. This layer, called dental plaque, irritates your gums and exposes your enamel to harmful acids. If it hardens, it will become tartar, which is difficult to remove with oral hygiene alone. By having plaque removed from your teeth on a regular basis, you keep your enamel free of cavity- and gingivitis-causing irritants before they can do greater harm.
  • Oral hygiene education – There’s always ways to improve your brushing and flossing, and make your daily cleaning more rewarding. We’ll recommend dental products and habits that are best for your unique teeth.
  • Personalized guidance – Your smile is yours, and it’s not going to benefit from one-size-fits-all advice. Dr. Robin and your hygienist will determine what will suit your oral health and help resolve any existing concerns.
  • Disease prevention – Catching decay or gingivitis in their early stages leads to stress-free treatment. Instead of facing full rehabilitation, you’ll be back to normal with a composite filling or a deep cleaning.
  • Opportunity to discuss dental needs – Feel self-conscious about your teeth? We’ll tell you more about the broad spectrum of cosmetic and restorative options available and find one you’re comfortable with.
  • Lowered dental anxiety – While it may seem surprising, the best solution for dental anxiety is more frequent trips to the office. You’ll get comfortable with the environment, staff, and steps of an exam, and also avoid larger issues that lead to the need for more stressful treatment.
  • Longer-lasting smile – Routine exams will help you avoid periodontal disease, which is the number one cause of tooth loss. Keep returning to the office to keep your teeth where they belong.

Why Your Next Teeth Cleaning is Crucial

You may have a cavity that you’re not aware of yet, or be in the early stages of gingivitis. But these issues can be incredibly difficult to spot on your own, and impossible to treat without professional help. Stay on your exam schedule to limit your risks, and keep your teeth in great shape. Regular exams today will help prevent tooth loss down the line.

If you’re due for a Centennial dental exam, just get in touch online or give us a call at (303) 768-8443. Dr. Robin and our team can help you engage with your dental health, and build a positive view of your dental care. We look forward to seeing you!

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