Centennial teeth whitening

Your smile is like your handshake. It’s part of the way that you introduce yourself to new people, and to the world at large. And just as those new acquaintances value a firm handshake, they respond more strongly to a bright smile. Whitening your teeth is so simple to do, and has countless repercussions for you and your life.

Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth

The obvious reward of teeth whitening is a more dazzling smile. But those whiter teeth will have effects on other aspects of your self-image and even personality:

  1. 1. Confidence level – The way you feel about yourself is intrinsically linked to the way you look. The better you feel about the self you’re putting forth, the better you will feel in general. Whiter teeth provide a surprising confidence boost. You’ll find yourself more willing to be the center of attention, which can also lead to improved professional performance. Anything that heightens confidence is well worth the time and effort.
  2. 2. Friendliness – With a brighter grin, you’ll be eager to show it off. More frequent and easy smiling conveys the message that you are warm and approachable, improving your social interactions.
  3. 3. Personal appearance – Not only is a whiter smile aesthetically pleasing in itself, it communicates strong oral health and an investment in your personal care. White teeth tell those you meet that you’re taking great care of yourself, and also that you’ve spent efforts to present a beautiful face to those around you.

The Whitening Process

Centennial Smile WhiteningPart of whitening’s appeal is the simplicity of treatment. You’ll be able to see dramatic results within the space of an hour. The Metro Smiles team will apply hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, keeping your gums protected. We will then use a special activating light to kick start the gel’s whitening reaction. You will leave our office and return to life with a new smile.

Whitening will make your teeth more youthful, impressive, and noticeable – and all without invasive or involved treatment. If you’d like to learn more about whitening your teeth, please contact our office.

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